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Sight and Sound Theatre in YOUR home this someone week!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

One of the primere Christian production companies is Sight and Sound. I am amazed at the details, quality, set design and actors. This is not your typical old fashioned church play! I was fortunate to see the production of "Jesus" is 2019. This coming year they are producing Esther! More to come on my blog about this wonderful place, behind the scenes footage, costuming and more!

is thrilled to once again be partnering with TBN to bring a FREE Sight & Sound production to your television screen! This weekend only, JONAH will set sail for a living room near you! Tune in for the television broadcast on August 21 at 8 pm ET, stream it anytime August 21-23 through the TBN app, or watch it online.

Dive deep into this powerful Bible story of mercy and grace as Sight & Sound’s spectacular original stage production comes to life in this special worldwide television debut!

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